March Is SRB Fitness Month!

In celebration of the quickly changing weather and opportunity to get fresh air, we have declared March ‘SRB Fitness Month’. In Last weeks meeting, founding member Ben Schneible made a decree that it is time to get up and get active. All but a few of the meetings attendees signed up for the plan which is an honor-based point system that awards members for getting active. The competition will take place from March 1st until April 1st and will award the top five participants with donated prizes from The Sexy Green Truck as well as other food vendors around campus.

The point system works like this:

-1 point for each hour of exercise
-2 points for each hour of outdoor exercise
-3 points for each hour of exercise that reduces carbon footprint (biking instead of driving) or has a social impact (volunteering on the local urban farm)

Some of our members top activities include snowboarding, dodge ball, racquetball, yoga and track.  We will announce the winners in the first week of April, stay tuned!