enterprise rent-a-car

By Sarah Stanton, sarah.stanton@temple.edu

For Enterprise Rent-A-Car, it’s all about the little things, which make a huge impact! Instead of screen savers on all of their computers, the screens go right to black. The lights in their buildings automatically turn off and the thermostats automatically lower at night. Employees are advised to turn their computer monitors off when not in use. These seemingly small actions add up to save massive amounts of energy! For the larger sustainable projects, Enterprise has initiated their 20/20 vision, which is a commitment to reduce both their energy use and costs by 20 percent throughout five years. They are working to decrease the environmental impact of their neighborhood car rental branches and other facilities by making an upfront investment in energy-saving technologies and conservation practices. These sustainable innovations are expected to achieve a $50 million reduction in Enterprise’s energy costs. Recently, Enterprise has purchased and deployed about 500 Nissan LEAF electric cars currently in California. Whether it’s as simple as turning off a light or as intricate as a five-year energy reduction plan, Enterprise is committed to a more sustainable world.