philadelphia zoo at our event!


By Rachel Stanton,

At the Students for Responsible Business’s green jobs exposition, “How Green are You?” I had the opportunity to speak with the Director of Sustainability from the Philadelphia Zoo.  Upon seeing various handouts about going green on the Zoo’s table, I asked him to give me an overview of the Zoo’s sustainable practices. He explained to me that there is a specific position at the Zoo, which focuses on energy efficiency called a Sustainability Programs Manager. He told me that the Zoo has conducted sustainability audits including everything from water use to horticulture care, in order to implement and follow a Sustainability Action Program to guide them in their efforts to conserve. He also told me that the Zoo has focused on replacing its gas-powered vehicles with a renewable form of biodiesel fuel in order to eliminate waste in the environment. One of the more unique and interesting parts of our conversation was when he spoke to me about the Zoo’s efforts to eliminate bird kills. He showed me a piece of glass that had white lines in it, as well as various sticker decals of birds, which the Zoo uses in an effort to save birds from flying into clear objects such as windows that are among the exhibits. The director’s overview of the Zoo’s sustainability practices was both informative and impressive, as I learned a great deal about some of the responsible steps the Zoo is taking to make a large impact on conserving the environment.