By: Susanna I. Arntz – susanna.arntz@temple.edu

The Hydros water bottle is the first everyday, reusable water bottle with a built in filter. It comes in a variety of appealing colors and has a sleek, stylish shape and design. The Hydros water bottle offers a removable cap to filter water from the tap, durable Tritan construction, and is all-American made. More importantly then the bottle itself, is the mission that this convenient and innovative product supports: Operation Hydros. Operation Hydros is dedicated to encouraging people to get involved in the fight against the Global Water Crisis. Hydros is reinvesting profits into future water filtration technological advancements as well as supporting a clean water infrastructure project designed to be socially, environmentally, and economically beneficial. Their first endeavor was to partner with the Engineers Without Borders USA to deliver fresh water to the village of Gundom.

The Hydros table was approachable, well prepared, and interactive. There was a team of two Hydros representitives who actively demonstrated how easy and efficient it is to use the Hydros water bottle. Both representatives were extremely knowledgeable not only about the product but the Operation Hydros project itself and future endeavors. They were also giving away wristbands and cards to help their promotions stick, as well as informing students about where to buy we can buy the bottle (i.e. Whole Foods) and the pricing of the bottles and filters as well as the frequency of replacement of filters. On behalf of SRB, we all hope to maintain a relationship with Hyrdos and fully support their initiatives in impacting us locally and individually as well as globally and holistically.