Green Energy & Your Wallet

Today, I saw my PECO bill.  The total amount due over a period of 20 days was $220.82.  I can’t believe that my electric bill is so high, even considering that my roommates and I are never home.  We are gone all day jumping between work and school.  How much electricity could we possible use?  I am a broke college student and cannot afford utility bills this high.  I already have compromised security for cost and incurred plenty of student loan debt just to be here in the first place.
Due to my frustrations, I sought to find some sort of solution to my problem.  In my search, I came across a company called Viridian Energy.  Viridian is a green energy supplier that decreases your monthly bill!  The company offers people the ability to quickly switch to 100% renewable energy sources through an extremely simple process.  All you have to do is enter your name, account number with your electric company, and contact information and they take care of the rest.
Now, 100% of my electricity is generated from wind, solar, and water energy, helping me to save between 10-20% on my monthly bill!  (And it literally took me about 5 minutes!)
Check it out here!!
by Victoria Vicente