The Hub Visits SRB at Temple University

Two weeks ago, SRB welcomed John New, the CEO of The Hub, at one of our weekly meetings. The Hub is a meetings and events venue business that was started six years ago. The Hub has become a wildly successful business by capitalizing on sustainability and efficiency. John New along with his partner Bill Decker, realized there was a serious need for meeting spaces in Philadelphia, especially in a time when companies did not have the means or necessity for their own conference center. John and Bill combined their entrepreneurial idea with their sustainable beliefs  and created a business that has superior service and quality.

The members of SRB were able to witness’s John true appreciation and commitment to sustainable throughout his speech. He detailed how the hospitality and business industry vastly produces the most waste in the US and taught us “business lessons” on how to curb these bad habits for the future. He reminded all of the students that we truly have the brains to make a difference and sustain a successful business.

by Rachael M. Pignotti