Paige Wolf Speaks to SRB!

By Lauren Carberry

Recently, SRB had the pleasure of hearing from guest speaker Paige Wolf, of Paige Wolf Media and Public Relations and author of Spit That Out.  Paige discussed the growing importance of knowing what we are putting into our bodies.  The quality and nutritional components of the food we eat is often overlooked or unknown due to misleading labels and advertising for food products.  Not to mention, when we attempt to purchase fresh produce, we seldom know where it is coming from or who is reaping the benefits of the trade.  Quality of food and fairness of trade practices are two huge issues in the current food market, as well as issues very close to Students for Responsible Business.

After listening to Paige speak, it suddenly occurred to me; we have an excellent option for fresh, wholesome food products right on campus.  The next day I was inspired to pay a visit to the local farmers’ market on Cecil B. Moore, between Broad and 13th Street, open every Thursday from 2-6pm.  Booming with students eager to get their hands on fresh produce and homemade baked goods, I wondered why I hadn’t been here sooner.  The baked goods listed their ingredients directly on the package, and to my surprise, I could actually identify each of the few ingredients used to make them.  Sure, the goods may not last as long without all of the preservatives that we have become so accustomed to.  Nonetheless, with treats this good, they won’t last long enough to go bad around the roommates anyway!  As far as the produce goes, it was refreshing to know exactly where it was coming from, as well as to look at the faces of those to whom the proceeds were benefiting for their hard work (as opposed to the local grocery store where the origin of the produce is obscure and it is likely that its farmers earned next to nothing for the sale of their crops).

In addition, the farmers’ market at Temple University is in conjunction with The Food Trust, a local organization devoted to “ensuring that everyone has access to affordable, nutritious food”.  Piloting its programs in 1992 at Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market, it has now outreached to farmers’ markets virtually all over the city.  Check out their fantastic website to learn more about its mission, what the organization has accomplished so far, as well as an extensive list of awesome markets to visit all throughout the city!