“The Occupy Phenomenon”

By Derek Saybolt

Photo Credit: Darya Vselubsky

Today, November 8th, Frances Fox Piven of the CUNY Graduate Center gave a lecture discussing “The Occupy Phenomenon”.  Piven studies the movements people start to help the public focus on issues within governmental, social, and business infrastructure.  On Tuesday, she focused on the social, political, and economic issues that have created the demand for the Occupy Movement.  She described the Occupy Movement as “the ray of hope that will help fight deregulation, environmental degradation, and flawed fiscal policies”.  According to Piven, the movement has helped dispel the fog of propaganda placed over these issues.  Three accomplishments of the movement are public awareness of central political issues, the need for a reorganized power structure, and the unique population demographics showing support for the movement.  In the conclusion of her presentation, she emphasized the challenges Generation Y will face and how important the movement is in making our culture aware of the need to solve these issues.

For further insight into this topic, it is recommended to watch the Inside Job.  Inside Job is a film that unveils the practices of Wall Street investors and how these practices have affected the global financial meltdown.  I encourage anyone interested in this topic to watch the documentary.