White Collar Criminal

By Rachel Stanton

Last Friday, November 11th, students from SRB, TUIA and FMA had the unique opportunity to explore the mind of a white-collar criminal named Garrett Bauer, who spoke about the dangers of insider trading. In 2011, Garrett was charged in a case of insider trading, which may land him time in prison in 2012. Garrett started the presentation by detailing his experience in jail. He explained that his time spent in jail was similar to the typical portrayal of jail, which most people only experience through television or movies. During his short time in jail, he was told to find a cell or a place to sleep, he dealt with dirty utensils, and he became familiar with the system of trading products among inmates. By the end of his presentation, Garrett answered the only unspoken question left, which concerned how much money his trading netted. From his presentation, students learned about how dangerous insider trading can be, and what the consequences are for such actions.  On the bright side, Garrett has and continues to offer his time by engaging in various forms of volunteer work with numerous organizations.

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