Enterprise Talk: A Fellow SRBer Returns!


By: Nakeeda Earle

Enterprise Holdings and Chelsea Ruth, Temple alum and SRB member, came to speak to our organization. Enterprise is the largest owner of passenger vehicles in the county and they understand the need to lessen their environmental impact. Their current initiatives of hybrid only stations, electric vehicles, and the use of bio fuels harkens back to the founder of Enterprise, Jack Taylor’s message of innovation and sustainability.

Enterprise Holdings believes they can please their customers while helping the environment. Enterprise is constantly researching for renewable fuels at the Center for renewable fuels.  Research is important to our fuel future because our dependence on fossil fuels is not permanent.

Enterprise has committed itself to aiding the environment and communities. They not only pledged to plant 50 million trees in 50 years, they are a major benefactor to United Way and the Enterprise Foundation. Companies need to follow in Enterprise’s example. They are moving forward and thinking long term instead of only chasing after short term rewards. If more consumers demand electric and hybrid vehicles then we can see more of them on Enterprise’s lot. Our environmental future is bright when we have a company doing what’s right.