Green Collaborations

By Rodolph Thermitus

On Thursday, November 17th, the Green Council held its monthly meeting.  All of the members including myself (the Green Council Rep. for SRB) discussed the details of one particular project that we all agreed on executing together as a collaborative group. When we had our last meeting in October, we talked about the possibility of collaborating on an event for Earth Day, April 22 of 2012. Once we were stricken by this idea, we all thought that this would be a very important project and beneficial to the entire group to collaborate on it.  There are many steps that need to be taken so that we can start working on the logistics of such a very important project.

We all agreed on doing a “Green Scavenger Hunt” around campus, on Earth Day or during that week. The goal of this event will be to introduce the Temple community to all the Green Places on campus. We understand that most students who are not supportive or unaware of sustainability practices are also unfamiliar with simple day-to-day alternatives that are accessible to them. So, on Earth Day we plan to reinforce a greener state of mind, and also embark students into a journey to improve their engagement with the Earth’s natural environment. Please be on the lookout for this event in April 2012, as the day approaches all the details will be available on the SRB website!