Rick Martella, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Aramark, Speaks to SRB

By Robert Kost

Today SRB had the pleasure of welcoming Rick Martella, the Vice President of Corporate Affairs form Aramark Corporation to address our organization on behalf of the dynamics and initiatives of his corporation. Martella, who has held several diverse positions ranging from Business & Industry to developing Aramark’s growth strategy, is among other roles, currently responsible for Aramark’s strategic commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Within that aspect Martella spoke of four focus areas of Aramark; Health and Wellness, Community Development, Employee Advocacy, and Environmental Stewardship.

With respect to Aramark’s four areas of focus Martella elaborated on the several initiatives Aramark is engaged in and how they tie into Aramark’s core competencies. One such program that was mentioned was Aramark’s Recycling Program, which has been able to successfully reduce the company’s energy consumption across the board in areas of water and energy utilization to food and waste disposal. Another aspect that Martella highlighted was about Aramark’s commitment to Employee and Community engagement, which was broadcasted by a short video clip. Martella then moved on to discuss some of Aramark’s different business units and how they interact with Aramark to make it successful by creating cross business teams, issuing grants to health-care and wellness fairs, and various company sponsored events. Martella then consummated his visit by addressing and engaging the membership with questions and comments related to his function in Aramark and Corporate Social Responsibility.