Jim Keady Speaks to Business Ethics Students about Nike Sweatshops

By: Rachel Stanton


This past week, Jim Keady put on an eye-opening presentation for business ethics students about Nike’s sweatshops in Indonesia, and the unfair pay of laborers. He began by showing a video about how he became involved with research on Nike sweatshops, which detailed his trips to Indonesia, where he immersed himself in the every day life of Indonesian workers. Jim’s video exposed the outright lies of Nike executives, as they claim to offer fair wages to their workers. Jim concluded his presentation with ways we, the students, can get involved and support his mission to prevent the exploitation of workers, starting with industry leader, Nike. While his goal is a huge undertaking, his cause is worthy and deserves attention. So take a second and make your voice heard by joining Jim’s Facebook page and telling Nike how you feel:http://www.facebook.com/TeamSweat