John & Kira’s Chocolates

By: Nakeeda Earle


On Wednesday we had John Doyle from John and Kira’s speak with Students for Responsible Business members; John graced us with John and Kira’s chocolates. He mentioned the feeling a person should have when eating his chocolates; he wants us to think these chocolates are the best we’ve ever had. John and Kira’s chocolates are the best I have ever had and this impression was felt by almost everyone. These chocolates come from high quality chocolate and (sometimes local) ingredients.

John told us about their Urban Garden Program which began in Philadelphia and partners with Drew Elementary and UC High School. This program allows for children to produce mint, rosemary, and chili peppers then have their products in John and Kira’s chocolates. This program has expanded beyond Philadelphia and now John and Kira’s has partnered with schools in Washington, DC and Chicago, IL. John has proven that a business can use local resources while doing good business and doing good for the community.