Dave Stangis, Vice President of CSR at the Campbell Soup Company

By: Robert Kost

This past Wednesday, March 28th, SRB had the pleasure of welcoming Dave Stangis, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the Campbell Soup Company, to speak on behalf of Campbell’s innovative sustainability measures. Stengas began by talking about the importance of having a technical background, and how his position and that of CSR in general has evolved into its important and center-placed role within the Campbell’s company, especially in addressing childhood obesity.

Stengas, also noted the importance of sustainability and CSR to Campbell’s as not only fitting the company’s culture, but as a marketing strategy, as Campbell’s is a 140 year-old house-hold company whose brand includes Swanson, Pace, Prego, Pepperidge Farm, and V-8, all brands that have a reputation for health and well-balanced nourishment.

During his time in his current position as VP of CSR, Dave has also been able to bring a unique philosophy to Campbell’s endeavors into sustainability. He accomplishes this by combining the concepts, ideas, and values of Campbell’s employees, ranging from Campbell’s executives and human resources to supply chain management and marketing, and utilizing their unique experiences to maximize productivity and foster innovation.

So far Dave’s initiatives have paid off, as they have added long-term value and sustainability to the Campbell’s Company and have lent Campbell’s the reputation as one of the mot sustainable and innovative companies in its industry.