Re -Branding: SRB becomes Net Impact

By: Lauren Carberry


In the up-and-coming months, it may seem as if there’s a new presence in Alter Hall.  However, do not be fooled!  We’re the same organization, with the same structure and mission, only we’ve added a network of 30,000 members(no big deal).  Since its inception several years ago, SRB has been working towards becoming a chapter of Net Impact, which until recently was only available for graduate student chapters.  Known globally, Net Impact has been working to better the business world for years and its mission has been a model for the leaders who founded Students for Responsible Business.  When Net Impact finally became available for undergraduate chapters, there was no delay in SRB’s involvement in the organization.  However, the time has now come for us to emerge with the organization through association with its name and logo.  There are huge benefits to becoming a chapter of Net Impact.  First of all, Net Impact is recognized on a much larger scale than Students for Responsible Business.  While we cherish our unique identity, it is more important to be connected to a larger network of individuals who believe in the same principles of socially responsible and sustainable business.  Also, with the flexibility of the Net Impact chapter structure, we are still able to maintain our unique identity through the projects we are involved in.  Not to mention, Net Impact exceeds beyond the scope university involvement.  So after you graduate, you still have the opportunity to remain a Net Impact member and become involved as a graduate student or professional.  We look forward to this great new opportunity for SRB to expand the organization and increase awareness of Net Impact.  So next time you’re in Alter, look out for our new blue logo—although you should still be able to point us out with our green tie-dyed table!

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