Students for Responible Business (SRB) was founded in 2006 by Sonja Claxton, Jenna Kulhamer, Benjamin Schneible, Arne Morin and faculty advisor Dr. Lisa Calvano. The concept behind SRB was unclear and undefined but the founders all had similar interests including triple bottom line business, corporate ethics, and sustainability in business. “For the first six months, our meetings were basically conversations on the flaws of the business world. We realized our ideas were abstract compared to the other professional organizations and it was then that we discovered how much of a niche student body we would appeal to” says Schneible.

After a year and a half of low attendance meetings, a massive effort was needed to put SRB on the map. The idea of partnering with a local business to rebrand and revamp their business was born. “We wanted to buy a lunch truck on campus to cater to vegetarian and vegan students but knew it would be a stretch raising funds, staffing, and actually running the business.” In March 2008, Schneible and Morin approached what they describe as a “clearly failing business” about a potential partnership. The effort resulted in a massive increase in sales as well as a huge amount of publicity for the organization. From the end of the 2008 spring semester to the start of the fall 2008 semester, there was a 700% increase in membership.

Since then, SRB has maintained a strong member base that has focused on urban farming, “greening” campus dining services, hosting speakers, as well as, organizing the Social Entrepreneurship Conference and starting the annual Green By Design Week and Better Business Conference. Additionally, SRB had the honor of being chosen for the first round of undergraduate organizations accepted into the recently formed Net Impact Undergraduate program.  In Fall 2012, SRB officially adopted Net Impact as its name.

Since that point, Net Impact has increased its standing in both the university and the community. The membership has continued to grow and it has continued to feature speakers from sustainable companies around the Philadelphia region. A new event was created called the Fair Foods Fair that showcases local, sustainable food companies and provides a great networking opportunity. Through all the change and growth, Net Impact has stayed true to the original SRB values: Ethics, Sustainability, Social Responsibility.

SRB, Students for Environmental Action and Sodexco Embrace Meatless Mondays!

See the Green Truck in the News!

See SRB in the News!


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