Q: Why is SRB changing it’s name to Net Impact?

A: When SRB was originally created, we had hoped to become a chapter of Net Impact.   At the time, Net Impact did not offer membership to undergraduate students.  Now that they do, we would like to gain awareness of our group by utilizing their brand recognition and large network.

Q: Ok… what is Net Impact?

A: Net Impact is essentially the national version of SRB.  There are chapters all over the country at different universities.  We are the Temple Undergraduate chapter.  For more details, visit

Q: Is there anything changing about SRB?

A: Only the name and logo will be changing.  The mission, structure, and projects will not.

Q: Is there a difference between your group and the Fox Net Impact MBA Chapter?

A: Yes.  The MBA students have their own separate chapter.  We are the Undergraduate chapter.  However, we do collaborate frequently.