Mentorship Program

Net Impact has implemented a Mentorship Program so that the members of the group can build better relationships and help each other grow in the organization.

The mission of Net Impact’s mentorship program has four main objectives:

  • Provide experienced guidance and sincere advice to new members
  • Increase inter-personal communication skills of mentee
  • Facilitate mentee’s growth by sharing resources and networks of Net Impact
  • Develop the aim of mentee and assist them in setting personal and professional goals

What are the mentor’s responsibilities?

  • Dedicate time to mentee
  • Desire to help mentee
  • Be experienced and knowledgeable in Net Impact
  • Provide feedback on mentee’s progression
  • Assist mentee in obtaining leadership roles

What are the mentee’s responsibilities?

  • Willing and enthusiastic to learn
  • Set aside time to work with mentor
  • Identify personal and professional goals
  • Able to accept feedback

If you would like to participate, please contact Barbara Kloda at