Certificate in Sustainability

The University is offering an undergraduate Certificate in Sustainability. This twelve credit interdisciplinary certificate will provide an opportunity for students to further their knowledge and skills to contribute to sustainable systems from the viewpoint of different disciplines, to help them become effective leaders and agents of change for sustainability, and to make them more competitive in the changing job market as some sectors move to a green collar economy.

Certificate Requirements

1. The undergraduate Certificate in Sustainability will require four (4) courses and a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours.

2. The courses will be selected among courses in four different departments in at least three different schools and must be outside of the student’s own major.

3. General Education courses can be included in the array of courses, but can constitute no more than one of the four courses toward the certificate. If a student chooses a General Education course to count toward the certificate, this same course cannot count toward the General Education requirement in a specific category.

4. The certificate requires that three of the four courses be at the 2000 level or higher.

5. The certificate courses in sustainability can satisfy other minors and/or certificates.

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