Better Business Conference

Join the Students for Responsible Business (SRB) during Green By Design Week to learn about incorporating sustainability and ethics into the business world!

On April 13th, SRB will be hosting the Better Business Conference. It will take place from 11-2pm in the atrium of Alter Hall.  The event will consist of a diverse group of local and national companies showcasing their initiatives towards corporate social responsibility. Our goals are to educate students on the impact their decisions make on business and to inspire students to opt for triple bottom line careers.

Green By Design Week, April 9-13, 2012:

Monday: Social Entrepreneurship Conference

Tuesday: TBA

Wednesday: TBA

Thursday: TBA

Friday: Better Business Conference 11-2pm. Alter Hall Atrium



Information On Some Companies That Have Donated Their Products to the BBC:

Choice Organic Teas is the #1 selling exclusively certified organic tea line in North America. In addition to being USDA certified organic and Fair trade certified Choice Organic Teas are also kosher; Non-GMO verified, and HACCP certified. They also offer more varieties of teas that are Fair Trade Certified than any other company in North America. Choice Organic Teas is able to offset 100% of its facility’s electricity through Green-e certified renewable energy certificates purchased from 3Degrees and will forever disdain the use of environmentally harmful chemicals to cultivate tea.

Grid Philly Magazine promotes the idea of a sustainable Philadelphia. They promote this idea through the magazine by interviewing people such as Nancy Sutley, President Obama’s environmental advisor, and by promoting Tree Philly in which the City of Philadelphia encourages their residents to plant trees so much that they will give them away for free. Finally, this magazine helps to discuss and promote urban gardening by conveying information on how to start one for your community and where to go to get help and more information.

Steaz Teaz provides fair trade, organic tea products that are “good for the mind, body, and soul.”  Since 2002, Steaz has offered products that are produced from socially responsible farmers and suppliers.  Adhering to the triple bottom line, the company values people, profits, and the planet.  Steaz Teaz is Organically and Fair Trade certified as well as hold an environmentally responsible low CO2 certification from Native Energy.

Surf Sweets, part of TruSweets, LLC, produces candy that is human and environmentally friendly.  Inspired by the environment and healthy lifestyles, Surf Sweets brands candy provides 100 percent of Vitamin C per serving.  The candy is also free of GMOs, corn syrup, artificial colors, etc.  Surf Sweets only produces products that are USDA certified organic.  Surf Sweets prides itself in adhering to healthy lifestyles, the environment, and good tasting food.

Pirate’s Booty is an all-natural snack a part of the Pirate Brands products. It is an all natural rice and corn puffs snack that is gluten and trans fat free. Pirate Brands is a company that promotes healthy snacking with products that are all-natural and baked into a delicious treasure. Robert, the founder of Pirate Brands, created snacks for the whole family that are light, healthy, and virtually guilt free. The company has completely eliminated fryers and trans fats from their products in order to create a snack that was simple and all-natural. Pirate’s Booty as well as other Pirate Brands snacks are available in local grocery stores or on the online shop.

Informed Foods focuses on providing healthy, locally grown, sustainable food and drinks for its customers. It does so by making Informed Choices after conducting research to find local, natural options. Some of Informed Foods’ brands include Evergreen, Vita, Sambazon, and Vibrant Health, among many others. Informed Foods strives to base the company’s values and daily operations on education as well as respect, nurturing and nourishing of our bodies, and the environment. Its overall goal is optimum health for all.