What We Discovered at the Better Business Conference

Student Blogs

Mugshots: “The Mugshots Coffeehouse and Cafe booth was by far my favorite table at the BBC because what college student doesn’t love coffee?  Also the fact that the woman who owns Mugshots is a local entrepreneur who believes in supporting fair trade coffee beans and locally produced food, which is what all of her treats are made from.  Before the BBC I had never heard of Mugshots but it’s actually right off campus located on the first floor of the Beech International apartments just about two blocks past the IBC. She also has a location at 21st and Fairmount St.  The store has a quaint café feel to it and seems like the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee while studying.”

Dow to Earth: “I really enjoyed chatting with Sean Ward from Down to Earth who is Informed Foods Store Manager. Health and wellness is very important to him and that’s why his product – low calorie trail mix is 100% organic. Having 10 hand selected ingredients from all over the world: almonds from Spain, dark chocolate from Ecuador, coconut from the Philippine Islands, and the rest from United Sates this snack is a great treat for people on the run (not to mention all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients this delicious mix has). The product is available in a physical store (2374 Seipstown Road in Fogelsville, PA 18051) but you can also order it online trough Amazon. However, Mr. Ward was talking about near future where he plans to open an online store.” –Agnese Rozite

Check them out https://www.facebook.com/downtoearthtrailmix
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Community Energy: “It was such a delight that Community Energy came to the BBC! Represented by Cordelia Biddle who is the Outreach Coordinator at Community Energy Temple students had an amazing opportunity to learn more about fuel-free renewable energy with wind and solar power and also a chance to sign up for their services and receive a $50 rebate.”- Agnese Rozite

Learn more about CEI: www.communityenergyinc.com/
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Kayuh Bicycles: “When talking with one of the founders of Kayuh Bicycles, Izzat Rahman, I quickly learned how this company made a great fit to be at our Better Business Conference at Temple University. Izzat explained how their company works in an environmentally friendly way that helps the community around them. Kayuh Bicycles takes in donated bikes, refurbishes them, and sells them back to the community at an affordable price. With cool handle bar grips and refurbished paint jobs, they make these bikes look like new. Izzat brought in one of their refurbished bikes to the conference and you could see just how great the quality their bikes were. This company makes sure every detail is perfect before sending these bikes out. Let me tell you first hand that they have some very stylish road bikes. As an avid road biker myself I have to check them out their collection of Schwinn bikes. So if you need an inexpensive, high quality bike to get around Philly, or wherever, Kayuh Bicycles is the way to go.”- Andrew Bagwell 

Twinnings Tea of London: On Friday, April 13th 2012, Net Impact’s annual Better Business Conference was held and was highly successful. Among the twenty two companies that attended this networking event, Twinnings Tea of London was one of them. I was able to talk to the representatives that were there and try their amazing tea as well. What definitely caught my attention was the many types of tea they had. They showcased their new & organic line that consisted of classic Old English Tea to exotic flavors such as orange citrus. Their new line is not only organic, but it is Fair Trade certified as well.  By choosing their Fair Trade Certified Tea, you are directly “contributing to the livelihood of yea growing directly contributing and promoting just a form of trade with the developing world.” What also caught my attention was their Ethical Tea Partnership program. This program works to ensure that fair living and working conditions on member tea estates. The purpose of this program is to ensure that their tea is produced in a socially responsible day. They were very open on how their tea is produced and exactly what they are selling. Their products can be found in Organic supermarkets such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. They are working on expanding their business in the U.S. – Jessica Le