Fair Trade University

Temple University is a new initiative on campus to gather students interested and passionate about learning and educating others about the benefits Fair Trade offers to small-scale producers and workers. Fair Trade eliminates many of the middle men to create a smaller trade chain and provide a premium to fair trade certified farmers/workers, which has strong impacts on the growth, stability, work and health conditions of their communities. At Temple, we will develop ideas and action plans to raise awareness of what Fair Trade means, promote values of Fair Trade, and inform others about the impact that choosing to buy Fair Trade products can have, with a long-term goal of implementing more Fair Trade-oriented contracts and sales within the university.


To become a certified “Fair Trade University” which, after forming a committee, ultimately entails making Fair Trade products available in university-owned/operated outlets as well as included in service contracts (long-term goal), use Fair Trade products at internal university meetings and university events, develop a Fair Trade Resolution and Fair Trade Procurement Policy, and commitment to Fair Trade education, awareness-raising and growth of the Fair Trade campaign. These goals are outlined by Fair Trade USA, the organization that ultimately oversees Fair Trade Universities and certifies universities as being a “Fair Trade University” after a year long commitment to the movement and leads toward vendor/contract changes to buy/sell more Fair Trade products.

For more information, please visit Fair Trade USA!

Also, check out The Fair Trade Committee’s blog with updates on Temple University’s Fair Trade initiatives.

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